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Ziwi Peak Dog Food

Ziwi Peak is a NZ Food that uses Air-drying to make their dog and cat food. It means that there food is over 96% meat or protein products - totally grain free!! Here are a few videos that explain what Ziwi Peak is and how they make it

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Supermarket vs Superpremium: the Food Debate

Feeding our dogs and cats seems to be no easy thing any more. There are so many brands of food out there, all professing to be "exactly what your best friend needs". Is this talk of 'Superpremium' foods really legitimate, or is the cheaper Supermarket option just as good?

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Quick and Easy Fish Tank Cleaning!

Did you know that you don't have to empty your whole aquarium to clean it? Did you know that you can easily clean aquarium gravel with one simple device? The Gravel Vac uses the principle of siphoning to remove debris and waste from your tank.  

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