Angel Fish


The unique shape and majestic, calm, swimming style of Angel Fish are just some of the reasons why this fish is one of the most popular of all aquarium fish. The eye is usually dark red, however many colour strains now have black eyes. The wild form body col-our is silvery white with 4 dark vertical bars running through it. Many colour strains have been developed by fish breeders around the world with blue, gold, marble, koi, blacks and other colour variations now available. Angels have been selectively bred for their scale patterning. For example, the Pearlscale or Diamond Angel have very attractive diamond like scales. Angels do best in a deep tank of at least 40 centimetres high to accommodate their tail shape. Dark coloured backgrounds enable their fine colours to show through to their fullest extent. 3mm black gravel and river sand; roughly 10:50kg ratio – mix the black gravel through the sand to create a dappled effect. Ensure water conditions are set accordingly to the desired ranges for the angelfish and they appreciate a well-planted tank with lots of open swimming space.