"Zoomies": A Beginner's Guide

“Zoomies”: A Beginner’s Guide

It was only during a random internet search on dogs that I heard about Zoomies. Perhaps you are more educated than I am or have probed deeper into the pit of knowledge that is called the internet. Yet as soon as you know about them you can instantly relate.

Everyone has seen their dog (or someone else’s) do this crazy frantic, mad, energetic, berserk ‘dance’, in which they dash – or Zoom – to and fro at top speed. For us at the pet shop, our store dog Chelsea used to do exactly the same thing. Even when she was 12 years old and reaching the end of her life, she would still rush madly to and fro in a fit of the “zoomies”. This was especially at home time when we were doing the bins, tidying up, and other dull jobs like that. She would dash past at full speed, full of energy, as if she knew it was time to go home!!

Another fond memory is of a friend’s dog who used to run past so fast that they would slam into the sliding doors which such a thump that you would wonder if the glass would break! Surprisingly, this daily routine did not actually damage the glass!

What are the Zoomies?

Maybe you expected that taking your fur-friend to dog obedience or dog training groups would prevent an attack of the Zoomies? Well, it’s pretty innate to dogs. So what are the zoomies?

The more technical name is “Frenetic Random Activity Periods” or (FRAPs). Literally, activity periods which are full of energy, without sense, and occurring seemingly at random.

In actual, fact, they are not totally random, but occur after certain ‘triggers’. Take, for instance, Chelsea at the Pet Shop. Suddenly the change in activities, perhaps the open doors enabling her to charge out the back, was enough to trigger the Zoomies. And other dogs have triggers too. Maybe they do it every time you get home from a day at work, so bubbling full of energy that their best friend is home!! Perhaps they have just been in the crate, or the car, or been docile at the vets, and suddenly need to get rid of some energy.

Zoomies just for Puppies?

Most people would associate the description of Zoomies with puppies – bouncy, energetic, playful. Yes, it may occur more in puppies but do not be surprised if this characteristic trait continues. Who doesn’t like to have a streak of youthful vitality?! Even Chelsea at the end of her life would still behave like a puppy at times and undergo the Zoomies.

There may be a point when the Zoomies are a little over the top. Maybe they never relax? Maybe after ridiculously long walks they still won’t lie down and be still? Keep an eye on these things. Certain products may help and calm your dog, like Adaptil pheromones, Royal Canin Relax Care, PAW Relax Chew, Vetafarm B-Calm chews, or just love, attention, and cuddles!

Zoomies are nothing to be afraid of for the fun-loving, and they sure do put a smile on your face! What could be better than that?! 😊



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