Your Local Pet Shop – Tails Pet Centre

Your Local Pet Shop – Tails Pet Centre

It used to be that there was a local shop for everything. You would go to the Butcher and they’d greet you by name, asking how your family was going with genuine interest. Likewise, you’d have a similar experience at the Bakery, Grocer etc. With the advent of the world of supermarkets and online shopping, haven’t we left some of the good things of the past behind?

And this is what we try to recreate at Tails Pet Centre. We want you to come into the shop, to see familiar faces, perhaps even be greeted by name. We want you to be able to feel comfortable asking questions, seeking advice, finding out whether we stock products. We want you to come to us first, and for us to do a special order for you on any products we do not usually stock.

Why Tails?

We have variety!

Perhaps it’s an easy and a common misconception that smaller independent stores lack the variety of larger stores. Well, try us! Particularly in highly variable lines like Treats and Toys, old ones leave, and new ones come. The change around is quite remarkable! Of course, we keep some old faithful brands like Kong and Nylabone all year round!

And if we don’t have as much selection, well, who wants to choose from 20 different brands anyway? What we do is select the top 5 or so brands that we know of, and stock them! That way, the brands have already gone through a selection process for quality.

Our prices are quite comparable!

Another misconception is that the independent is always more expensive than the franchise or the retail chain. That is not the case. In fact, by becoming a member you always get lower than the RRP on all the Premium Dog and Cat food. You can check out our prices on this website, or ring us up (with smaller items) to find out!

You can find things!

Everyone knows the feeling of walking into some huge department store with rows upon rows of shelving, with staff members just about visible on the horizon, and the feeling of “how am I ever going to find what I need?” What we do at Tails Pet Centre, is collect many of the main pet brands, with around 10 000 product lines, and put them into a friendly, easy-to-browse environment. And if you struggle finding a product, staff members are not far away for assistance!

We want to help!

While we may not have the qualifications of vets, we have knowledge of both animal rearing and of products. Real-life experience can teach a lot! Whatever your struggles with your loved pet, whichever challenge your animal friend is presenting you with, let us help. If we don’t have quite the right thing for you, let us find out what products are out there, give you a price, order one in.

Contact Us

If you have a question, a product enquiry, or want to know more about us, feel free to give us a call or email us.

Phone: (08) 8263 5570


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