Why Your Pet Is the Best Work Colleague

Over the past month many businesses have elected for their employees to work from home, moving to online platforms. If you are one of lucky ones to be #WFH (working from home) in this time, chances are you have some new co-workers!

These co-workers haven’t caught on to social distancing or good hygiene practices – in fact they will regularly invade your personal space, won’t cover their mouth if they sneeze or cough, and when you’re not paying close attention they may even steal your lunch! Despite all their downfalls their company far outweighs the complete disregard of personal boundaries.

The benefits of working everyday with your pet go beyond the lack of judgement for your fashion choices. Your favourite companion is one of the best de-stressors in iso-life. In fact, many studies have confirmed the correlation between petting a dog and relaxation. ‘Pet Your Stress Away’ are programs that universities have incorporated for student well-being. These programs allow students to interact with dogs and cats to help relax and stay calm. Approximately 10 minutes of interaction provides a significant reduction in cortisol, a stress hormone. These programs are designed to help students cope with a studious lifestyle by providing ways to help with their mental health.

Adopting this concept into our #WFH lifestyle and taking breaks to interact with our pets can help manage some of the stress from our employment.

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