The Benefit of Dog Bones

Why might you feed your dog bones? Well, Ziwi Pets have put together some good reasons!! Let's share those with you!

Excepts taken from Ziwi Peak's blog:


Dogs are meat eaters. In the wild, they live off a whole prey diet of raw meat, including bones and organs.

Although your canine companion doesn’t have to hunt for food like their ancestors did, they still have 42 teeth that are designed for slicing, tearing and crunching – which is why munching on raw bones comes naturally to them.

Not only do they LOVE the taste (bone marrow is rich in flavorful fat), but all those hours of gnawing provide fantastic mental stimulation as your dog tries to figure out how to rip every last trace of meat from the bone. 

Chewing is also a great workout for their jaw muscles, and stimulates the release of endorphins (happy hormones!), so it’s no wonder your dog goes crazy with excitement every time you offer them a bone.


The golden rule when feeding your dog a bone is to supervise them at all times. Here are some other tips to remember:

  • Every dog is different, so consider their age, size and chewing behavior before giving them a bone.
  • Small bones aren’t ideal for aggressive chewers as they could be swallowed whole or cause choking. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, try the full-size Venison Shank Bone - its long size and dense bone structure will keep your dog safe and happy.
  • Avoid giving your dog a bone when they’re really hungry, as they will be more likely to swallow large pieces which can lead to digestive issues.
  • Don’t leave raw bones in your yard for days on end as they can become brittle (and a breeding ground for bacteria) – once your dog has had their fun, toss it out.


Did you know puppies generally lose their baby teeth between the ages of three to six months?

Many bones aren’t appropriate for young puppies, but it’s important to give them plenty of safe chewing options while their adult teeth are still developing - otherwise you may find your couch or shoes become accidental chew toys!

Like teenagers, puppies go through phases of testing their limits. By providing safe chewing options early (and giving them plenty of exercise and training), you can avoid your puppy developing destructive chewing habits that are hard to break later in life. 

ZIWI’s range of chews (which are slowly air-dried to maintain nutrients) are a safe and gentle option to keep your puppy occupied - just remember to supervise them!

Once your puppy reaches approximately eight months they should have their full set of adult teeth, so you can start offering them raw or air-dried bones.  

A whole-prey diet (including raw and air-dried bones - nature’s toothbrush!) will help keep your dog’s teeth in tip-top condition naturally. If you give them the right food, bones and chews (and see your vet for regular checkups) you shouldn’t have to worry about specialized dental dog food


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