My Family Pet Tags- Essential, cheerful, simple.

Do you want your pet to feel special? Do you want your pet to have style? Do you want reassurance in the event of your pet going missing? Then it is essential that you buy one of these pet tags! 

My Family are based and manufacture in Italy with one central idea; that as well as every tag being useful, it also needs to be beautiful, precious and personalised. In other words: unique. With this is mind, the idea has led to many different ranges from glam to basic and flags to friends, with each individual tag having the finest details perfected and hand enamelled, ready to be personalised.

However, but far its most important feature is how each tag can be personally engraved to make sure that should your pet go missing, you can get your pet back quickly and safely. This is important because please be aware that it is not easy to trace pets based on microchips alone. Furthermore, most animal shelter organisations do not have the ability to read the microchip and so only having a microchip doesn't help your pet be returned to you. Therefore, having an engraved tag is vital for ensuring that your pet remains safe and protected.

With some tags double-sided and each side that can be engraved offering up to four lines of information in multiple fonts, make the tag unique for your special friend. So what now? Well have a look at our My Family range online or come in store to see and have your tag engraved in 2 minutes whilst you wait!


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