Keeping My Crickets Alive

Keeping My Crickets Alive

Sometimes you get a box of crickets and it seems like they just don’t want to stay alive for very long! How do you keep your crickets alive and get your money’s worth – as well as making sure you have live food for all your reptiles and amphibians?


The ideal temperature for your crickets is 18-25 degrees. You will notice that during a series of hot days – particularly over 40 degrees – that they certainly do not do so well. Consider putting them in a cooler place, or on a cool surface. A cool work surface, or a tiled area can really help the temperature to stay closer to the ideal.


Crickets mostly come with a carrot in there, as a source of food and hydration for your crickets. Replacing that carrot every two days can maximise the longevity of your crickets. Potato is also another option you may wish to try. Keep an eye out to make sure this food source is not dry or mouldy.


If you keep the crickets for longer than a couple of days, it may be a good idea to transfer them to another type of container with a bit more room and good ventilation. A plastic or glass terrarium with steep sides can work well. You can also buy specific Cricket Pens which have feeding tubes!


If your crickets are struggling to stay hydrated, then Pisces Aquaload can help. This prevents the need to have shallow water dishes (in which insects can drown), or any mouldy food or sponges. It is also fortified with calcium and Vitamin C.

There is also a feeding option called Pisces Gutload. This contains a broad range of ingredients needed in a Reptile or Amphibian diet – meaning your pet’s prey is even more nutritious!


If there are any cleaning chemicals or other similar products which you are using, make sure to use them away from the crickets. These kinds of chemicals can have a toxic effect on these insects.


Consider where you are getting your crickets from. Different places receive deliveries more or less frequently than others. We, personally, received 2-3 deliveries of crickets a week, making sure that they are as fresh as possible!

Think about how many you need when purchasing. Buying more might save you another trip to the shop, but the second lot won’t be as fresh.


Without making cricket keeping sound like it’s another pet, there are a number of useful ways in which you can keep your crickets happy and chirpy for longer!


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