Hemp Oil and my Dog

Tails Pet Centre is not alone in the fact that we are now stocking more Hemp-related products. What can hemp oil do for my dog? Is it a prescription only product? What is the difference between hemp oil and marijuana? Pawsome Organics and Hemppet are two companies with a large hemp product range – what we don’t stock we can order!

Health Benefits

The reason why Hemp oil products have gained popularity is because of the health benefits that they can give to dogs. It has benefits to the cardiovascular systems (the heart and all the blood vessels), to the brain, the immune systems, joints, and maintaining a good overall internal body ‘environment’. It has the ability to reduce anxiety in dogs too.

How does hemp oil achieve this? Hemp oil has high levels of Omega 3 and 6, is a powerful antioxidant, contains phospholipids and rich nutrients, as well as being hypoallergenic. This nutrient-dense product is beneficial for your dog’s all-round health. Not to mention, with the high levels of fatty acids, the fur and skin starts to become sleeker and healthier.

THC and Dogs

How does Hemp oil differ from marijuana and some of the Veterinary prescription versions of cannabis?

Marijuana contains higher levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive chemical associated with cannabis, affecting the mood, memory, and ability to think. In fact, THC is highly toxic to dogs and cats, because they have a larger number of receptors in their brain for this particular chemical. These receptors are the location at which the chemicals act in the brain. Having more receptors results in a greater effect, which can be larger than recommended and so cause problems.

Veterinary prescription hemp medication contains CBD (cannabidiol) which is the chemical with the particular healing benefits. The Hemp oil which you can get over the counter in a Pet store is the cold-pressed hemp seed oil that does not contain CBD or THC. However, the nutritional benefits are immense, even without these particular chemicals.

Oil vs Nectar

There are two varieties on offer: Oil or Nectar. The benefit of the hemp oil is that there may be other nutritional sources with health benefits infused into the oil – such as Turmeric, Seaweed, or fish (often for cats).

The Nectar is generally a more concentrated and potent version of the oil, which is gained from the first pressing and can be unfiltered.

For easy delivery of this health product, you can get hemp oil treats!! Or you can find it in the Pea & Hemp Oil Prime roll.

To maintain optimal health in your dog, Hemp oil is worth a consideration!

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