Binkies and Popcorning

“Binkies” and “Popcorning”: A Beginner’s Guide

Now after reading our previous blog, you might now think that you are an expert on dogs and their Zoomies. But what if I told you that other pets also have these kind of random energetic bursts? And what if it was a sign that you are a good pet owner?

Well, I’m sure there are many, many different animal behaviours out there that can be commented on in this blog and that come in the category of “being happy I’m alive and with my favourite pet-parent”. However, two of note are Rabbit “binkies” and Guinea Pig “popcorning”.

Binkies of Pure Joy

Hahahah, you might think, do my pets really experience pure joy? Well, do your rabbits undergo a weird, jumping, twisting, rippling motion that is preceded with unassuming behaviour and is followed by unassuming behaviour? If they do, well done! You are a No. 1 Rabbit Parent! And…you might have just seen a binky.

There’s even such thing as a half-binky in which there is a random head flick which is also a sign of happiness and contentment.

Of course, there’s some great video material when your rabbits do a binky, and particularly when they do a 180 degree twist in mid aid at a full leap – quite something to catch on camera!!


Now popcorning is almost the equivalent in guinea pigs. There are, of course, a few subtle differences, as you would expect between two different species. But yet the reason is the same: you are providing a happy, healthy, fun, and loving environment!!

If you have ever watch popcorn heat up in a pan, or a machine, or the microwave, you will appreciate why this is called popcorning. The way the kernels of corn spring into the air when popcorn is made is very similar to the motion that guinea pigs undergo!! 

Happy Home

All in all, you have made a very happy home for your beloved fur-friends! Of course, keeping an eye on their behaviour is a great way of telling if they are happy or sad, fed or hungry, content or bored. Behaviour is their way of communicating with you! Make the most of it! 

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