Balanced Life Dog Rolls

What is Balanced Life?

Looking to give your dog a balance life with a balanced diet in 2021? Balanced Life is an Australian made, Australian owned family business that focusses on your dogs specific needs. It is for all life stages and contains low amounts of carbohydrate, high percentage of muscle meat and is created so that it is instinctively preferred. All rolls are super pasteurised, increasing the shelf life of the product. Balanced Life also takes pride in that 90-93% of ingredients used are sourced in Australia meaning that each roll helps support Australian jobs and farms. 

Main Features:


Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) Rolls: 

  • - Crocodile & Rice - Crocodile is a novel protein diet for dogs prone to food sensitivities. Rice is a low allergenic and a go to ingredient for dgos with upset stomachs.  
  • - Salmon & Hemp - Salmon is a superfood that provides protein, essential amino acids, fat and minerals. Hemp seeds provide the perfect ratio of omega 3:6 fatty acids that benefit skin and coat.
  • - Venison & Brown Rice - Venison is a novel protein that dogs instinctively prefer and is a great source of iron and vitamins. Brown rice is a excellent source of carbohydrate, rich in vitamins D & B that are essential for heart health.

Original Blend Rolls:

  • - Wild Aussie Blend - 76% wild boar, kangaroo and venison muscle meat designed for dogs prone to sensitivities. 
  • - Poultry Blend - 78% muscle meat from chicken, duck and turkeys forming a highly palatable combination. Low in carbohydrates
  • - Pastures Blend - 78% pork, lamb and beef muscle meat as well as being low in carbohydrate content
  • - Ocean Blend - 79% muscle meat from ocean caught salmon, mackerel and barramundi that are all rich sources of omega 3fatty acids, specially EPA and DHA


- What makes the dog rolls super pasteurised? The cook temperature of less than 100 degrees Celsius 

- What is the shelf life of a super pasteurised dog roll? 8 weeks at ambient and 24 weeks chilled

- On the crocodile roll, will I have to take my dog off from time to time because of stones in the product? Stones are usually found in the crocodile gut, we don’t use gut, we use mechanically deboned meat (MDM), which is ground down to 3mm

- Are all the ingredients 100% Australian? Ingredients are sourced locally where possible and as a rule we target over 90%, as some ingredients are just not supplied. Tapioca is the flavour of the month, However, we could not find a local source

- Are balanced life rolls suitable for puppies? Yes, Balanced Life LID rolls are designed for all Life Stages, which includes, puppies, adults, senior and reproduction.

- How long after opening should the product be kept? Once open, if refrigerated below 4°C, we recommend using the product within 10 days. To ensure freshness, seal the end of the roll with aluminium foil or glad wrap.

- Can balanced life dog rolls be frozen? Yes, rolls can be frozen, and we recommend portioning the roll first to make it easier to thaw. They are an ideal summer foods as they provide more moisture than dry food. Frozen rolls are an ideal boredom buster, the frozen meat will help clean teeth through mechanical abrasion and provide more water, which is required in our hot climate.

- What is the difference between Balanced Life LID & Original Blend? Balanced Life LID rolls are single animal protein that has higher protein, fat, energy and is an all life stage food. It has the perfect balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates that dogs instinctively prefer. Original blend is mixed proteins, has lower protein and fat content an is only an adult maintenance diet only. 

- How do I introduce Balanced Life rolls to my dog? If feeding solus then gradually over 7 days: 75% old, 25% roll for 2 days; 50% old, 50% roll for two days; 75% roll, 25% old for 2 days; 100% rolls. If you feed dry and wet , just replace the wet portion with the roll.

- How are these rolls different to other on the market? 

  • - Our supply chain is superior
  • - Super pasteurized
  • - Highest protein, lowest carbohydrate
  • - We use more muscle meat
  • - Our claims are supported by science
  • - We use unique proteins such as crocodile, kangaroo, Venison, Turkey, Salmon
  • - LID is an all life stage food which is critical if your pet truly needs a low allergenic food

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