Amazonia Pet Care

Amazonia Pet Care

Vegan Shampoos? Goodness of the rainforest? What is this about and is it really that good for my pet?


Amazonia uses the ingredients of their native Brazilian rainforest to deliver to us some unique flavours, scents, and ingredients.

These ingredients include:

  • Açaí Berry: rich in fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins B1 and B2, minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants
  • Pitanga (Brazilian Cherry): contains the essential nutrients for coat health, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C, minerals and proteins
  • Cupuacu: glycolic acts as a natural sunscreen protecting it from UVA and UVB rays
  • Passion Fruit: the seed oil has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & moisturizing properties that fight dandruff
  • Coconut: high in saturated fat and medium-chain triglycerides which can increase energy levels, improve skin and coat, and improve digestion
  • Aloe Vera: rich in vitamins A, C and E but it is a clinically proven antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory


These shampoos are free from parabens, from dyes, and are kind to dog’s eyes – tear free! Using natural essential oils, your pet’s coat will be healthier, softer, and shinier than ever.

The naturally derived shampoos leave a fresher smelling scent.


SHAMPOO CUPUAÇÚ = a shampoo with a natural sunscreen

PITANGA SHAMPOO = a shed control shampoo

COCONUT SHAMPOO = moisturising and nourishing

AÇAÍ SHAMPOO = natural oils to strengthen the coat

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