Prime100 Zero G Salmon Lentil Turmeric


Zero Grain for easy digestion; no wheat, corn, rice, or barley Zero Gluten for sensitive stomachs and dogs allergic or sensitive to gluten protein in wheat or corn-based diets Zero GMO all-natural foods with no use of DNA technology SPD™ Prime100 Single Protein Diet contains only ONE MEAT protein Low GI in sweet potato and lentils: for steady, sustained release of energy 80%+ of Protein from Australian Atlantic salmon the remainder from vegetables and pulses Balanced Fibre blend of soluble and insoluble fibre for gut function and easy passing of stools Chondroitin for joint and cartilage support Glucosamine for cartilage and joint repair Balanced Omega 6 & 3 Essential Fatty Acids with EPA and DHA EFAs for healthy skin and shiny coat Balanced Calcium for controlled bone growth development. L-Carnitine for fat metabolism and mitochondrial efficiency Boosted with Chelated Trace Minerals for high availability of trace elements especially zinc for bone strength, muscle development and healthy skin Supplemental Selenium for reproduction, antioxidants, and brain function Supplemental Iodine for metabolic control and neurological development Fruit & Vegetables add fibre, antioxidants and vitamins for well-being Turmeric for anti-inflammatory functions Sodium hexametaphosphate for tartar reduction Kibble size and density for dental support